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Are the 21 km and 10 km courses marked differently?

After the first kilometre, the runners of 21 km marathon and runners of 10 km marathon split. The 21 kilometre runners turn left (towards Lipica) while the 10 kilometre runners turn right past the Zavod za gasilno in reševalno službo Sežana.

How do I collect my race number? Can this be done a few days earlier?

Collection of race numbers is possible only on the day of the event.

How do I place the chip correctly?

The chip must be placed correctly to obtain correct measurements through the finish line. In case the runner did not place the chip correctly so that the measuring devices could not record it, the runner’s placing will not be valid. You should place the chip on the shoe lace of your running shoes. Place the race number on a visible place (on your chest). Runners who arrive through the finish line without their race number will not be qualified.

How do you provide liquids during the race?

There will be four refreshment stalls along the course and one at the finish. There will be water on each refreshment stall and energy drinks and fruit on two of them.

How is it provided for the parking places?

Security guards will take care of this and from our previous experience we do not expect any problems. Parking places are maximum 800 m far from the event.

How should the number be placed?

It should be placed on your chest so that it is visible.

I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it.

For all complications regarding the registration, contact our complaints/help desk which will be operating on the day of the event from 9.00 a.m. till 10.45. a.m. We will try to solve all your problems. Before the day of the event, you can call our number or write to our e-mail address info@sport-sezana.com. We will be glad to help you.

I paid the entry fee but my name is not on the list of race numbers. Why?

There is a possibility that we have not received the confirmation of your payment from the bank. In this case you should send it via fax 05 7301481 or on our e-mail address. Bring the receipt with you and show it at the complaints/help desk. The list of race numbers will be kept up to date regularly so it should be carefully followed. Check the data and inform us about possible changes on our e-mail info@sport-sezana.com

Is it allowed to accompany runners on roller blades, bicycle …?

Like in any other run, this is not allowed.

Is it possible to register on the day of the event?

No, it is not possible to register on the day of the event.

Is the entry fee returned if I cannot participate due to an injury?

Each registered runner has the right to get the entry fee returned. The condition is a medical certificate of an illness or injury valid on the day of the marathon. The compensation reclaim should be sent no later than 27 March 2024 on e-mail address info@sport-sezana.com. This should contain the name and surname, address, TRR (account number), name of bank and valid medical certificate.

Is the start the same for both courses?

Yes, it is the same.

Is there a part of 10 km course which leads through Italy?

No, the 10 km race leads entirely through Slovenia.

Is there organized day care for the children?

Sure. At the time of the marathon free day care and animation program for children is provided. More on this: Kids’ Race.

Unfortunately, I have to cancel my participation at the race. Can I pass my registration to another person?

It is possible, but you have to inform the complaints/help service a few days before the race about the changes. In this way we can correct the start list in time. Otherwise, the runner who was registered first will appear on the list.

What about locker rooms, showers?

There are locker rooms where you can store your possessions at your own responsibility. Showers will be available in the sports hall but there will be some patience needed due to the number of runners.

What are the landform features of the course? How much does it ascend or descend?

The landform of the course is published on page. The difference in altitude on the 21 km course is 10 meters.

What part of the course is a macadam road?

Approximately 300 meters.

What refreshments will I get (water, juice, snacks …)?

Various things. On some stalls, there will be water, on others also energy drinks and fruit.

What will happen after the race? Will we get food, drinks?

Yes, each runner will get a plate of “jota” and meat.

When and where are the results announced?

Unofficial results will be announced at 12.45 p.m. on the notice board at the event venue. Due date for submitting an appeal is on the day of the event until 1.15 p.m. at the head judge of the competition. Final results will be announced on the web site of Little Karst Marathon.

When and where do you collect the race number and chip?

Collection of race numbers for 21 and 10 km will be possible in the sports hall next to the start-finish area. Runners will collect them according to their number and not according to their name and surname.

When will the list of race numbers be announced?

The list of race numbers is generally announced a few days after the finished registrations for Little Karst Marathon. If you find yourself on the list, your payment of the entry fee has been settled.

Where do I find accurate weather forecast for Sežana?

The most accurate weather forecast can be found on www.arso.si, current weather conditions can be seen also on our site.

Why is my name not on the list on the web site despite having made my registration on time and I have not paid the entry fee yet?

There are only the registered runners who have paid the entry fee on the list. When you make the payment of the entry fee, your name will be added to the list.

Will I get drinks and fruit after the arrival?

Of course, there will be plenty of both.

Will I still finish the race regularly if I change my mind and run 10 km instead of 21 km?

Yes, our measuring devices will automatically record which course you took. It is still advisable to inform our info service about your change of plan a few days ahead.

Will the kilometre sign posts be placed accurately along the course?

Of course, the sign posts will be placed with the accuracy of 3 m, which means that you can rely on them.

Will the race be performed also in case of bad weather conditions?

Yes. The race will be performed in any weather.

Will there be a refreshment stall? At which kilometre?

Refreshment stall will be positioned at approximately 6 km (Lipica), 9 km (Bazovica - Basovizza, Italy), 13 km (Trebče - Trebiciano, Italy), 17 km (Orlek). The latter is the only one intended for 8 km runners.

Will there be medical help available along the course?

An ambulance car will be driving behind the last 21 km runner.